Fox Run Pasta Machine Review

Fox Run Pasta MachineIf you are looking for low-priced pasta maker, Fox Run Pasta Machine could be the one for you. You want to try yourself in making homemade pasta, but you don’t want to spend money on expensive machines?

Give a try to Fox Run Pasta Machine. Best suitable for beginners. Once you see if pasta making is something you like to do, you can always get better pasta machines like Atlas 150.


What You Get With Fox Run Pasta Machine

  • Pasta Machine is made by Fox Run. American company founded 40 years ago as cookie cutter manufacturer.
  • Cheap price of 27$. Awesome deal for the quality you get.
  • Stainless steel color
  • With Fox Run Pasta Machine you can make 3 types of pasta. Lasagna, tagliatelle and fettuccine.
  • Roller is 7 3/4 inch wide with 9 setting dial knob for different dough thickness.
  • Pasta cutting blades are 5 and a half-inch wide.
  • Pasta maker is well build with solid chrome steel construction. It doesn’t feel cheap at all.
  • You also get instruction manual and pasta recipe.
  • Included clamp for fixing machine to the working table.
  • Fox Run Machine is hand-operated. Handle is detachable with plastic grip.
  • Cleaning is fairly simple. Just wipe it and remove any pieces of dough leftovers.

The Ratings

3 stars for Fox Run Pasta Machine. Affordable pasta maker with flaws, but still really good for beginners with low-budget.

Great value. You get fairly good product for such low price. This pasta machine is one of the cheapest, but of fairly high quality for such price.

Solid and heavy chrome steel construction. Although, thickness dial knob feels a bit clunky and the plastic handle doesn’t make the best impression, this pasta machine is a solid product.

Simple cleaning with wipe. To remove dough pieces use brush. When you first use the machine make sure to run dough through the roller several times, until you remove all of the grease that comes with the machine. Throw that dough away of course. You don’t want to eat it with all the grease on it.

This one won’t last for a life time, but if you are a beginner and make pasta occasionally, then it will work just fine for you. For something more durable you better check Imperia 150.

Appearance of Fox Run Pasta Machine is nothing special. Looks like everyday kitchen accessories. But who cares for the looks. Important is that you can make pasta. After that you will most likely store it somewhere out of eye’s reach.

With Fox Run Pasta Machine you can make three basic types of pasta. Lasagna, fettuccine and tagliatelle. There are no attachments available to purchase. Not plenty of options here, but for starters it will do just fine.

The Good

  • Amazing price. If you can’t decide which pasta maker to buy and your budget is low, go for this one.
  • Heavy and solid machine.
  • Doesn’t feel cheap at all.
  • Great if just starting out with pasta making.

The Bad

  • Thickness dial knob is made a bit clunky. Feels like it will fall off.
  • You need to remove all of the grease that comes with the machine.
  • Clamp to hold the pasta machine down is made badly. You will have some problems to fix it right.
  • Handle can easily fall out if you are not using constant pressure on it.

Final Thoughts

Definitely not the best pasta maker. But considering the price, it is a solid pasta making machine worth the money. Recommended for beginners and people who just can’t decide. If you have enough money to spend I would go for more expensive one though.

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