CucinaPro 530 Cavatelli Maker Review

CucinaPro 530 Cavatelli Maker

An Old-School Tool for a Modern World

Pasta making can be a sensitive subject among some. For every success story, of delicious handmade cavatelli pasta or gnocchi being the very talk of a meal, there is another story out there. One of frustration, of anger and grumbling. Truly, there is a sort of artistry to making your own pasta, and so it is important that every artist has the right tools for the job from the very beginning.

Is the CucinaPro 530 Cavatelli Maker the right tool for the job? Read on to find out!


CucinaPro 530 Cavatelli Maker Features

The CucinaPro 530 cavatelli machine features real wooden rollers and an authentic, overbuilt cranking mechanism that is destined to provide you with years of reliable use. The stout, metal device has a sense of simplicity, ruggedness, and longevity to it in a throwback package, a sort of counterpoint to an age where many modern products can feel plastic, overwrought, and cheap.

One of the CucinaPro 530’s more interesting features is its tapered, space-saving design. This is key, because the unit clamps onto the side of a counter or tabletop using a rubberized clamping mechanism.

If it were large and unwieldily, eating up valuable counter space and dominating the landscape of your kitchen, then you may be less inclined to to go through the hassle of deploying it and breaking it down every time you wanted to make pasta. But with this model, its countertop footprint is so slight, that it can be installed on a semi-permanent basis, as a functional and even decorative addition to your kitchen.


The Good

Our species has been making pasta with various hand-cranked devices for almost 1000 years now, for one reason only: They work. A hand-cranked pasta maker is on a short list of kitchen machines that know what they are and perform well.

This cavatelli maker is a kitchen tool with a “generational” aesthetic, the kind of device found in grandma’s kitchen, passed down to her by her grandmother. Trying to purchase grandma’s kitchen equipment in this day and age may sound like an onerous and perhaps even expensive task. Quality “generational” kitchen tools that you would own for decades can be quite expensive.

Yet the CucinaPro Cavatelli Machine is so affordably priced that it is an attractive option for everyone, even beginners dipping a cautious toe into homemade pasta making without much initial outlay.


The Bad

One of the cons of this product is actually endemic to the process of making pasta itself. Namely, there are many ways to go wrong. If your dough is too wet, it will catch in the mechanism. If your dough is too dry, it will not form well. Turn the handle too quickly or too slowly, and you risk even more complications. Like with most things, experience is the best teacher here.

Those with experience making pasta will feel immediately at home with this cavatelli machine. Others may find that there is a learning curve, particularly to understanding the quality of the dough and the rhythm of the cranking.

Newcomers may need multiple batches before their first of many culinary successes. Generally, use of the CucinaPro Cavatelli Maker is not on par with the ease of automated, electric units, where one simply adds ingredients and waits.

Still, there is serious upside to this manual device, namely due to its durability, small size, cost, and even ease of cleaning, as the electric models tend to have a rather dubious reputation in that department.


Final Rating

In closing, the CucinaPro 530 Cavatelli Maker is an inexpensive, rugged, purpose-built machine that can provide years of quality service in any kitchen. Eccellentissimo!

Cavatelli Maker - 4 star rating

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CucinaPro 530 Cavatelli Maker
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