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I love eating pasta since my young age. But I never really asked myself how pasta is made. Until just recently, when I was first introduced to world of pasta by my grandmother. She showed me how to make egg noodles, and later on I decided to build this site talking about pasta makers.

My goal here is to provide valuable information about pasta machines and anything pasta related. I try to collect as much info possible to make honest product reviews, so that you can make the best possible pasta maker buying decision.

In short, I hope my site here will help you find the best pasta maker for you.


Aside from the fact that I love pasta and love writing about it, I do include affiliate links to third-party vendors like Amazon.com for the pasta makers I review. If you find one of my reviews helpful, I would be more than happy if you purchased your pasta maker through one of my affiliate links.

If not, no problem! Just tell your friends and family to check PastaMakerHQ.com out when they happen to be in the market for a new pasta maker. This would help me enormously and I would be very appreciative.


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